Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rally Foundation funds 'Next Steps' Undifferentiated Sarcoma Research

We are grateful to the Rally Foundation for new $40,000 award for the grant entitled, The Next Step in Defining Targeted Therapies for Undifferentiated Sarcoma.  This award follows a prior grant for in vitro studies of tumor cells from undifferentiated sarcoma mouse models, and allows Elaine and Jinu to proceed with preclinical studies in mice that will test whether our best drug(s) from a screen of 60 agents would be worth pursuing in a clinical trial.  
This award is in memory of a little 4 year old girl named Ava Sentell whose life was interrupted by this same cancer, and in honor of Brady Wolfe and Aidyn Reid.  
[update 2/7/2013:  Please see the Rally Foundation webpage for Ava's Angels Research Fund! ]


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